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Musings: Determination

starling at feeder
I’m looking out my office window at the new “house style” suet feeder I purchased, assured that it would provide my friendly downy woodpecker with easy access to food while deterring the recently arrived flock of starlings. Starlings, I was told, don’t like to hang upside down. Apparently no one told that to this particular starling. Determined, that’s all I can say. Hanging on by a thread, at an amazingly distorted angle, this starling keeps at it until he can access the seeds in the suet. And when that got too uncomfortable, he tried a new approach – fluttering straight up from the ground, wings flapping wildly, beak aiming through the caging to access the feed. Unbelievable.

Totally outside of its normal comfort zone for accessing food, this starling was nonetheless bound and determined to achieve its goal. To me he symbolized the ultimate power of determination and commitment. The vision he held was powerful and compelling enough to draw him past the discomfort needed to get there.

So what is the compelling vision or dream that keeps calling you? Do you hold yourself back from exploring it or aiming for it because it’s scary and uncomfortable? Think how it would be to head towards that vision with determination.  Try accessing your “inner starling” – flap those wings wildly, turn things upside down, and just go for it! You might just end up with a bounty of seeds to nurture you!