Coaching for Individuals

You’ve spent years focusing on your career and raising your family. You’ve likely placed their needs above your own. Specifically, you may have neglected planning what comes next for you personally. What have you deferred or sacrificed along the way?

Now you are ready for something new. Perhaps you’re nearing retirement and wondering what you might do next. Maybe you’re ready to move on from your defining career, but aren’t yet ready for “retirement." You may even be wondering if it’s possible to find a new sense of identity and personal satisfaction in life’s second act.

The challenges in setting a new direction and developing a fulfilling identity for midlife and beyond are greatest for those who most deeply identify with their organizational roles. Furthermore, the terrain we encounter as we arrive at midlife and enter our Third Age is new to us, and most of us will arrive here with little precedent as to how to find and embrace the unlimited possibilities. The prospects may seem daunting, and social and cultural imprints offer little hope and inspiration.

Like building an organization, this work takes vision, planning, patience, and support. Our coaching services for Individuals and Small Groups will provide you with the intellectual stimulation and personal support you need to create all you want to be and do in the second half of your life.

Utilizing the proprietary “Coaching for Third Age Renewal and Response-Ability” program developed by Melita DeBellis and her colleague, Nancy Cosgriff, you will be guided and supported to identify and embrace the opportunities of your own Midlife Unlimited.

Read on for an overview of our program.

Sandy and Jay with Guide

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