Retirement Transition Planning

Are you managing a large “boomer” workforce that is nearing retirement – which has large ramifications for your organization?

Are you personally facing retirement from your role leading or managing your organization and wondering how you can craft a satisfying and rewarding identity and direction beyond your defining professional role?

Are you at a later stage of your career, not quite yet ready to retire, but wishing to fashion a satisfying approach to work in your Third Age?

If so, our Retirement Transition Planning can help.

Your organization will benefit when you manage and support your older workers using Retirement Transition Planning. Whether you are seeking to retain employees, conduct succession planning, or to help employees who are “retired in place” or considering retirement, our specialized programs will help your organization create a win / win scenario for all involved.

You as an individual will find the information, resources, and personal support that will help you truly understand and embrace the unique journey ahead of you – both its opportunities and its challenges – and move forward with hope and an exciting sense of new possibilities.