Licensing and Learning Teleclass: Coaching for Third Age Thriving Teleclass

Midlife Unlimited,
in conjunction with Third Age Partners and The Center for Third Age Leadership,
is pleased to offer
“Coaching for Third Age Thriving - A Grower's Guide for Renewal and Response-Ability after 50™”

An online licensing and training program and "teleline" course for Coaches and Professionals

We invite you to take this opportunity to try out our new web-based learning with a personal touch!


GROUP PROGRAM:  The program is offered over the course of seven weeks and involves 5 90-minute group calls as well as independent partner calls.  Dates and times will vary month to month. 

ONE-on-ONE PROGRAM:  We highly recommend the group experience as the best way for learning.  However, if you are unable to participate during our regularly scheduled course time, arrangements can be made for one-on-one program delivery.  Please contact Melita DeBellis at or call 802-434-6600 for more information on upcoming classes.

: The Third Age (roughly from age 50 to 75) is an emerging life stage made possible by the 30+ year life bonus afforded by our extended longevity. It is a period rich in possibilities and potential not truly available to previous generations, and for most it may be the longest phase of life. Its hallmark is personal fulfillment and self actualization. However, it is often difficult to see its opportunities, since as we leave our Second Age - where worldly achievement defined us - we may feel less powerful or important.
• Who are we now without the roles that have defined us – parent of school-age children, business executive, career person, etc?
• What are our goals and markers of success as we look beyond income, status, and position and start considering, “Is that all there is? What else is there for me?”
• How can our lives feel as successful in the future, especially as we recall images of aging that defined previous generations? “How can I create the life I want?”

: Making the transition to one’s Third Age is important and challenging work. That’s why we designed our innovative and proprietary program, “Coaching for Third Age Renewal and Response-Ability” .  Our program offers you - experienced coaches and other professionals - the opportunity to meet the needs of the dramatically growing over-50 population and provide a rewarding experience for your clients through a detailed, step-by-step coaching process providing:
• Extensive research- and experience-based lessons
• Creative techniques
• Challenging questions/exercises
• Access to our extensive online "Grower’s Guide for Renewal and Response-Ability after 50."
• Significant experience utilizing online class materials and course concepts
• Ongoing support
Our objective is to provide the training, tools and techniques to help your clients make the powerful decisions that lead them successfully to their Third Age roles and support them in building a rich and rewarding Third Age for themselves and all those around them.

Here's what Richard Leider, best selling author of "The Power of Purpose" & "Repacking Your Bags" has to say about “Coaching for Third Age Thriving! A Grower’s Guide…”
"The desire to grow is nothing less than the love of existence--a purpose for being here and a deep desire to fully explore life. Growth is at the root of everything that makes us feel vital. Yet, sometimes we do stop growing. Few coaches are as clear and profound in their guidance as Nancy and Melita. They are master gardeners of the growth soil. If you want to feel vital in your third age, study this book. It is a must read for anyone who is willing to ask the question, "Where do I grow from here?”

Our training and licensing class extends for 7 weeks and involves five 90 min. phone calls with your peers facilitated by Nancy Cosgriff and Melita DeBellis, four directed partner calls with a coaching partner, and access to articles and exercises that you’ll work with online .   Through the independent work, partner calls and group calls, participants will be grounded in the possibilities of Third Age transformation, the use of our online Grower's Guide for clients,  and the meaning and application of the “6 Principles”.  Participants are highly encouraged to work with a client for the duration of the class utilizing this Guide.


Preliminary online reading and self assessment
Theme 1 – Life Long Development:
Research on Aging;
The Third Age;
Journey of Transformation.
Theme 2 – Expanding Self-Awareness/Rethinking Identity:
Changing Negative Images of Aging;
Creating Positive Third Age Identity;
Redefining Success
Theme 3 – Living in Paradox:
Mindful Reflection and Risk-taking
Realistic Optimism;
Freedom and Intimacy
Theme 4 – Deepening Your Spirit/Soul Work:
Care for Self and Others;
Reviewing Your Spiritual Journey;
Practices for Spiritual Growth
Theme 5 –Working Your Retirement:
Work and Play;
Third Age Careers
Theme 6– Putting it All Together:
Re-Visioning one’s path

LICENSING is offered as an ongoing license – without additional fees – to all who complete the training program and are approved by the course facilitators.  Licensees will be authorized, per the terms of the License Agreement, to use the “Third Age” logo and information in their marketing materials and websites.   Click here to see an excerpt of the license agreement.

  • Training -
    • For groups:      $525.00* for the teleclass, use of organizational logo, promotional materials and ongoing license. (*plus the cost of copying course materials)
    • For individuals:  $725.00* for the teleclass, use of organizational logo, Promotional materials and ongoing license. (*plus the cost of copying course materials)
  • 7 week teleline-class
  • Use of organizational logo
  • Promotion as a Licensed Third Age Coach or Third Age Licensee on these websites:
  • Ongoing access to course materials and license to use select segments
  • General materials to assist in your business promotion

Contact Melita DeBellis at or 1-802-434-6600


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Program Registration - Group and individual

$ 525.00
725.00 for individual, one-on-one training