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An Excerpt from the Grower's Guide
An Excerpt from the Grower's Guide
Grower's Guide Table of Contents
Grower's Guide Table of Contents

To support your third age growth and renewal, Melita DeBellis, together with her colleague Nancy Cosgriff, has developed this distinctive and comprehensive Guide which allows you to bring your midlife growth, planning and renewal to an unprecedented level.

Here's what Richard Leider, best selling author of "The Power of Purpose" & "Repacking Your Bags" and founder of The Inventure Group, has to say: 

  • "The desire to grow is nothing less than the love of existence--a purpose for being here and a deep desire to fully explore life. Growth is at the root of everything that makes us feel vital. Yet, sometimes we do stop growing. Few coaches are as clear and profound in their guidance as Nancy and Melita. They are master gardeners of the growth soil. If you want to feel vital in your third age, study this book. It is a must read for anyone who is willing to ask the question, "Where do I grow from here?"
When you commit to living in that question, you commit to making the most of the gift of life you've been given, all of it. And, after all, what greater gift could you possibly  give to yourself or to the world , than that?"

Find Resources! The Grower’s Guide provides you with resources that help you sort out and take steps to renew your life and work after 50.

Create!  This 134 page Self-Study Guide with our unique “third age” framework and proven exercises helps you to create what you want for the second half of your life!

Another endorsement:

  • "Thriving! A Grower’s Guide for Renewal and Response-Ability after Fifty" is a valuable companion for anyone who wants to make the most of the gift of our expanded active lifespan.  You will find a cornucopia of rich information and well-structured, thoughtful exercises for self-reflection, visioning and action to “foster your second growth.” You can use it as a daily discipline or to dip into over time, alone or with a life coach or group, as a stand-alone or with its “parent” books by Bill Sadler. As in any successful garden project, reaping the most bountiful harvest requires committed engagement, but the potential for a vital, fulfilling Third Age is surely worth it.
          - Margaret (Meg) L. Newhouse, Ph.D., 
            Principal, Passion and Purpose LifeCrafting
            Founding President of the Life Planning Network

           Author (with Judy Coggin) of Life Planning for the Third Age: A Design Guide and Toolkit.

Thrive!  It shows that you can do more than merely survive the aging process—you can THRIVE within it and grow into the fullness of life’s promise for you!

Respond in Hard Times!  How can you enhance your ability to respond effectively to the challenges of these difficult economic times? This cost-effective resource is your guide.

Our guidebook helps you to:

  • Find more meaningful work
  • Create a life stage far different from traditional images of retirement
  • Have a more satisfying life
  • It helps you build on your past, envision your future, and move you forward to live your dreams in a renewed and fulfilling midlife and beyond.

Here's what clients say:

  • "This is a fabulous resource and very well-written, and exactly the format that I need to follow. It is so well-written that it seems deceptively simple and straight forward. But in reality there is so much in it. I just want to say again how impressed I am by the scope and depth of 'Thriving.' A great gift to all us Third Agers."

- Bonnie Christie, Charlotte, Vermont

Each of the 12 sections of the Grower’s Guide contains four parts:


  • An Overview of new ideas to open you up to valuable new ideas that set the context for achieving the goals, dreams, and growth you seek.
  • Questions for reflection to enhance your self awareness and learning and to probe more deeply into your concerns, fears, hopes and dreams.
  • Exercises and activities to create your vision and to apply your insights and make them personal, practical and real.
  • Actions that move you forward from awareness to specific planning steps that will get you where you want or need to go.

Remember, the Grower’s Guide provides you with all the resources you need to navigate your journey to an unlimited midlife and Third Age of growth, renewal, redirection, and fulfillment!

Here's another recommendation:

  •  “If you think in terms of "self-actualization," this book may be perfect for you. The authors help you work through the concepts and actions that will enable you to transform your life and move in new and more fulfilling directions. Using a modicum of explanation and a multitude of helpful exercises and thought experiments, they enable you to work through your next stage of development on both a theoretical / idealistic level, and in very practical ways. Cosgriff and DeBellis help you figure out what to do, and they help motivate you to do it.”

 - Chuck Yanikoski, President, RetirementWORKS, Inc.

Purchase this Grower’s Guide now as a downloadable e-book for an investment of only $29.99.

For additional learning, use the Guide in conjunction with two companion books: The Third Age: 6 Principles for Growth and Renewal after Forty by William Sadler, and Changing Course: Navigating Life after 50 by William Sadler and James Krefft.

These books provide further information and case studies which elucidate the Guide’s framework and principles. To learn more about or to purchase “Changing Course”, go to www.ChangingCourseBook.com.

“For additional support, contact Melita at Melita@MidlifeUnlimited.com or another Licensed Third Age Coach for personalized life/work coaching. Click here for information for one-on-one or group coaching. Click here for a listing of our Licensed Third Age Coaches.”

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